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    Confused Fireplace Extraordinaire blower problems?

    Wood-burning unit, centrally located in new house, is awesome--can almost heat the whole place all winter. In its second winter, noticed that higher temp in firebox was needed before blower started. Now, blower doesn't come on at all. I know where thermostat is in firebox, behind a firebrick in the sidewall, but don't know if I can (or should) fool with it, or even access it. Any suggestions? I'm handy, but neither engineer nor electrician.


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    Sounds like the fan switch may be defective, there is 120V going to it, probably should have a tech come look at it.(probably resolved by now)

    BTW... were you the Sgt Paul Bishop stationed at Nellis AFB in the early 90's?

    Cause that would be a good example of small world
    You can't fix stupid

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    Could be one or both...

    If the blower is not coming on anymore, it could be that the thermostat disk in the firebox that you mentioned is bad, or that the blower off/on control is bad. Failing those being the problem, it would be time to look at the blower itself and the wire connections between the components.

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    Similar problem with 10-year-old FP Xtraordinare

    I have a similar problem with my 10-year-olf FP Xtraordinaire, except that the blower generally works, but it cycles on-off-on-off... far more than it used to. At first I thought that it was because of low temps/damp wood etc., since it is very sensitive that way. But the current batch of logs is definitely dry.
    The problem is intermittent; right now it is blowing consistently but it seems to get into a mode where it can't stop cycling. Anyone have recommendations on what to check, or know a good service person in the southern NH area?

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