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    ripping CD's - moving the location

    Do any of you who rip CD's ever notice that when you rip a CD, when it goes into the folder you want it in, it goes there, but it makes thoe stupid sub folders?

    I can not figure out how to stop it, and it does this in every single program I use to rip.

    When you open the folder your CD was ripped into, there is another folder there that you open up. Then, there is ANOTHER folder you have to open to see your freaking songs you ripped.

    It does this in windows media player, Itunes, and Yahoo Jukebox. Can't seem to find a way to prevent it.

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    This is so that you can keep your songs organized by album and artist. I use WMP and just use the library feature to play my music or load my MP3.

    No problems.

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