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    my next door neighbor's unit.

    this is the opposite of john's a/h with the govt drain job...

    here's the 240 sitting under an inch of water

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    Yeah, but the emergency drain is hooked up.

    Wonder if they approach electrical work like they do drain connections?

    "One really big breaker must be better than 20 small ones, right?"
    Hindsight is NOT a plan!

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    the thing that gets me is, the way it's "plumbed", you know this unit started draining into the auxilliary pan as soon as it started making water, which is after about 5 minutes or less down here. you'd think they'd have noticed the drain needs re-done.

    no float switch and they re-used the aux pan and 2x4's from previous unit....

    did you know that in MS all you need to be an "a/c man" is a station wagon and a step ladder? anything more than than that is lagniappe.

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    Now Im upset-I did that job- I ran the electrical in the pan so wires would be water cooled to keep the amps down-LOL

    but really spike about the MS comment-ever notice anyone u talk to says"I used to do airconditioning work"

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    man, all the time (note my tag/signature)!

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    Slacking off right now
    Nice mould growth there soon they will be able to enjoy the spores floating around the basement - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    no question this is a side job gone bad,

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