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    Is It Worth The Money?

    I am having a new 3000sf home built and I can choose to heat with two 90+ variable speed, 2 stage gas furnaces or a hydro air type set up using a condensing, high efficency, modulatong gas boiler and two variable speed air handelers for a huge amount of money more. Now the question is not which is the better system, it's is the hydro worth the huge price tag?

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    If it's being built, why not go for radiant floor heat using the boiler? You'll be able to have lots of zones to maximize comfort in each room.

    Is it worth it to use a boiler to heat a coil in an airhandler? Nope, it's a waste in both install cost and fuel usage.

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    Sorry, I missed that.
    The price for the radiant is also very very high.

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    The boiler hydro is ok if your also getting an indirect water heater so you have a large hot water volume.
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    If you want comfort

    Leave the ducts for AC. Panel rads for heating.

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    I would quote 2 Luxaire modulating furnaces and a high efficiency gas water heater. The modulating furnaces are the best for comfort. Spend the money on good air filtration, humidifiers and UV light.
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    I use a water to water geothermal unit with an air handler. That way you get both AC and Infloor from one compressor unit.

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    The furnace at 90% and a boiler at 90% is the same energy consumption. They will both be forced air, so the comfort is the same. The baseboard or radiant heat will give you more comfort but at a much higher price. your hot water usage is low so it is not a big factor. If it is only between furnace and boiler generated forced air than stick with a furnace. Initial cost and future maintenence costs will be much cheaper. If your thinking you would like to pay for the added comfort of radiant, and can afford it, you will be happier with the comfort level in the heating season

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    Thumbs up Life Cycle Cost required

    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony NY View Post

    ... new 3000 sf home built
    ... heat with two 90+ variable speed, 2 stage gas furnaces
    ... or a hydro air type set up using a condensing, high efficency, modulating gas boiler and two Variable Speed air handlers for a huge amount of money more.
    1. Determine Life Cycle Cost = Initial + Operating + Maintenance Costs
    2. Factor in your Comfort

    I would review Heat Pump with gas furnace and Varialbe Speed air handlers
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    I would price out

    a single zoned AC system with the boiler and indirect HWH with panel rads or high end baseboard. Where's the second 90+ furnace gonna go? In the attic? Not recommended.

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