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Thread: tough day

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    Good luck my friend, hope he feels well soon.
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    My pop died at 75, about 22 some years ago, too young. Mom made it to 87 and then passed away about 6 years ago.
    88 is pretty good, I will take that.
    Good luck
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    My thoughts and prayers are with ya.
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    You are in my prayer and hopefully things will turn out good.

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    Holy cow, 88 and still doing all that?!
    He definitely needs to take some time, recover, and stop to smell the roses.
    Keep us posted.
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    Well did a few walks with him around the hospital yesterday.

    Brought him home by 10.30 this morning.

    Was funny , I picked up my mom at 8 and took her to the hospital this morning.

    They asked my dad how soon he wanted to go home and he said ........ anytime within the next 15 minutes would be fine

    They told him that they could probably have him out of there by 10 to 11 if they could get the paperwork and final phisical from a certain specialist that has the final say.

    Well we had taken his dirty work clothes home being thats what he was wearing when he had the stroke. I jumped in the car and ran over to their house and grabbed some clothes.

    He was dresses and setting in a chair in his hospital room by 930 waiting for the final ok to leave.

    My mom finally had me go run his nurse down being after 45 minutes of him setting there waiting, He was looking like someone waiting on standby for the last flight out of town on CHRISTMAS.

    Well ........ its gonna be interesting tomorrow being he is surely going to be wanting to work.

    I better tell him he can't being its a HOLIDAY.

    Sure thats gonna get answered by ..... I"M NOT A BANK or I DON"T WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT.

    Just glad it has worked out as well as it has

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    Thats really good to hear dec

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    glad to hear how it has turned around for you, dec. He sounds like he's not going to be taking off for holiday tomorrow. Good for y'all.
    It's great to be alive and pumping oxygen!

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    Hope everything goes ok dec, best wishes to your dad.
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