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Thread: tough day

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    tough day

    Home for a little while to grab a bite and a break before going back to hospital. My dad had a stroke this morning at about 10.

    My mom called while the ambulance was on the way. A neighbor that was outside helped my mom once they realized my dad was in the driveway honking his horn in his truck being he could not even get out . He had probably drive a mile or so realizing he was having a stroke and couldn't push the clutch to shift gears.

    He lost control of his right side but it came back in about 3 hours so he is a little more up then he was when he realized he couldn't move his hand and leg.

    Sure is tough seeing him so scared and being a sister passed away 2 days ago and a brother passed away about 6 months ago , he has been saying he doesn't know how much longer he will last.

    You never heard him talk like that before .

    Well ....... just had to take a break and guess let someone know what I,m feeling. Don't really know if there is anything you can do other then tell them how much you love them.

    You just never think they may never be there being they always have been..

    Better get back to the hospital

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    Stuff like this is really hard to handle. Hang in there, and take care of your Mom.

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    I been there before with my folks, hang in there, it sucks to get old but it happens to everyone.
    Many people come back from strokes and live long, healthy lives.
    Good luck my friend.
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    I'm sorry to hear that . Our prayers are with your family.

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    you will be in my prayers tonight.

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    I know what your going through. My grandmother had a series of strokes and they were very scary for her as well as the rest of our family. There were times when I wondered if she would ever be back to normal. But she eventually got better and is doing good. I wish the same for your father!

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    i'm sorry to hear that. be as patient as you can during his recovery. it won't be easy. spend every second you can with him.
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    How old is your father? Good luck and I hope he has a full recovery.
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    I am unsure myself
    My family's thoughts are with yours wishing your dad a speedy recovery

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    I wish your dad well,and a full recovery.
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    Very sorry to hear this. Trying times for your father and family. Try to stay positive. Hope he gets better soon.
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    Well back home for the night.

    We found that he isn't able to walk being his left leg has no real strenth but hopefully with time and rehabilitation he will be up and around.
    He is 88 years old and still does tire repair and sections repairs on truck tires up to large off highway tires up to 8' tall. He subcontracts to the major tire shops around here. He is still climbing in and out of those tires at his age.

    He has been saying he is going to retire for years. I know everyone kids him that he is too old to be doing that stuff but if he stops it scares me that he will go downhill fast ...... that job is what he lives for.

    He is already talking about needing to deliver some tires monday thinking he will be fine by then ........ I don't think so.

    Not sure this might be the time he really does reTIRE ( ya thats why he says he cant quit ........ HE WILL JUST RECAP HIMSELF ) . I will be interested to see how he feels about it monday if he does realize that it might be a long time rehabilitation.

    Well , I appreciate all the responses and hope you all give your dad and mom big hug the next time you see them

    You just never know if you might not get a chance to again


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    hope he gets better, hang in there
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