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Thread: TRANE XR80

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    Hmm TRANE XR80

    I am a homeowner who is looking for a solution to what i would refer to as pre -ignition cycling. this is how I would describe it. It's happening so shut off the power and wait about 20 minutes...... turn on the power, the small fan kicks on, the glow plug shows bright orange, and the gas kicks on, then a larger fan kiks on and all is fine for a few minutes. The gas will then just stop distinguishing the flame. Then all of the above just gets into this cycle where all the same just keeps going round and round but the gas just never comes on. The longer I give it to cool down, the longer the gas will stay on. I replaced the thermostat. thats not it.

    If there is a solution, could you please reply

    Thank You
    Mark Phillips Sr.

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    This sounds like it is a forced hot air system! If it is there are a few safty features built
    in to the system and one of them is stopping the flow of gas to the valve! Please call your local HVAC pro for help good luck.

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    Here is your step by step instructions

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