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    Inserts installed without zero clearance box

    Today was the 2nd gas fireplace insert in 3 weeks that was finished without a zero clearance firebox and not installed in a masonry firebox either. Let this serve as a warning for those that "tinker" with fireplaces part-time. Make sure you or your techs know what they are looking at (and for) when they are doing service. You do not want to miss this and be the last to touch it before an "accident". Yes, I infracted both and shutem down. Has anyone else seen this? I suspect there is a small percentage of these installed everywhere.

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    Wow I can't believe that!

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    We saw one that looked like it from the outside. We had to get behind it to fix a gas leak (buried flare fitting and the insert was mortared in) and once we got in there saw there was an old fireplace behind it all. They did frame up around the unit in all wood lumber though. We cut a bunch of it out to make it legit before we reinstalled the unit.

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    Have any pics?
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