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    I got a job interview as HVAC Mechanic at the local hospital

    I only have 7 months in the field but they want to bring me in. I have a buddy who graduated at the same time as me and got a job at another hospital across town.

    I'm curious if any of you know what I should say when I'm asked on the interview about salary requirements. The asked me today on the phone but I just told them that " As detailed in my resume I'm still fairly new to the trade but I do a great job and I'm a quick learner. So I expect an honest negotiation as far as salary".

    The HR lady said "ok", and said she wanted me to come in for a 2nd interview. I know that I'll be asked this question aain so who is a better answer or response?

    Secondly what type of work description can I expect to do from day to day?

    If any of you have anything extra to offer on this PLEASE feel FREE to spill your guts.

    Thx in advance

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    Put the ball back in their court, "what sort of rang where you think of".

    After they give you a number Then a responds form you is "I was hoping for a little more?" don't back yourself into a conner though,
    If they seem unwilling to go up you can always ask about benefits, Education reimbursement ect.., and stated with those benefits I think we're in the ball park to start. Hospital almost alway have a good benefit package.

    Good Luck
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    HR lady will be getting the hourly from the facilities director who interviews you first...let them offer $$$ as mentined,you might sell yourself short by bringing it up.working in a hospital is pretty much undefined on equipment(soup to nuts) filters and belts for now till you get the lay of the land.they are great with benefits,but they like to see at least 6 months in the place before you get anything.mention different shifts,and areas given out to work.......many places have the facilities guys shovel you might be asked/told you will have to be on call if heavy snows are predicted.take it as a learning place for now,and dive into any and all things given might stay there for a couple of years and hen one spring go out and get into a service truck for somebody...never know.
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    Money talk

    The question about money can be tricky, only if you let it be. Do your homework on the job boards and see what other companies and industries are paying. Additionally, look at the Department of Labor website and look at job statistics. This is a good site for approximate industry pay rate information.

    If this is a union position, there will be union set rates. Look at the total picture. How much training, tuition reimbursement, and other benefits will combine to make a total package. And of course, stability. It's better to make a steady check and one built during a bubble in time.

    When the person asks you again, give them a range based on your homework. If they meet your top dollar, renegotiating would not be in your best interest for getting off on the right foot.

    In the end, employers have a budget and look at internal equity, their budget and your skils and required training. An offer is composed based on all of those factors. Knowing approximates and the worth of your current skill set will get you a job offer worth considering.

    Best success from HVACanadajobs!

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    The hospital I work at wanted 'three years AC service experience' in addition to knowing how to do everything else (plumbing, electrical, remodel) but really only wanted to pay for a new tech. The HR guy was surprised that I accepted their 'offer'. After a couple years they have brought it up to a competetive amount. So look at the whole deal and think down the road.

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    Money Talk

    Excellent point Mr.Hoover.

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    I had the interview and I feel pretty good about it.

    I had to meet with the head HR lady first and we seemed to vibe and she liked everything I had to say.

    Then I met with the Head of Maintenance and Head of Building Operations.

    We talked for 1 1/2 hrs about all that would be expected of myself and what I expect from them.

    They asked for my salary requirements and I told them "based on my research and current experience I expect to receive an offer between $14hr-$18hr".

    They said give it a week and I'll know something.

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    I worked at a hospital as their "refrigeration guy" for 2 years. Now I can plunge a toilet like nobody's business.

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    I had a teacher at the school where I learned the trade who found it kind of boring in the hospital..Now he is back out in the truck doing commercial hvac stuff and loves it....
    I seem to recall him making a comment about plunging the toilets too!!!lol

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