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    Looking for work in Bergen/Hudson/Essex Co. New Jersey

    I have 5 years experience and have lead install crews, trained new employees and started to move into service work for a res/com company in Florida when I left (I was doing all of this simultaneously for $12/hr and couldn't make ends meet), but I haven't worked in the trade for about 3 years now. I currently run chemical reactors for $20/hr.

    I'm originally from NJ and will be relocating back from Boston soon. I want to get back into HVAC and I'm willing to start off helping with installs just to reacquaint myself with the trade and learn a little more about heating (never really went beyond heat pumps in FL), so long as there is room for me to move up quickly.

    I'm clean cut, universally certified, attended seminars and classes all while I was working (top student), have several semesters of college under my belt, studied computer programming, have a valid and clean DL, reliable transportation, will submit to any drug test you want and have friends and family in the area to help with my relocation. I also still have my 22 and 410a gauges, a Tif 7000 therm/pyrometer, voltmeter, cordless drill and some hand tools, although I need a few odd things like sheet metal tools, new hoses, new nut drivers, etc.

    It's also important to me that I mention I'm very particular about symmetry and straight lines when it comes to installs, which is something my previous employers were very astute about when I was apprenticing. It's permanantly ingrained.

    Thanks for reading and for any further assistance you can provide.


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    In this economy I would not be leaving a job that pays $20 an hour !

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