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    How bad is it being for the rest of y'all?

    My winter season started a little earlier than usual this time.
    Not the cold weather part of the season but the slowing down part. Normally I don't get slow until around February, this time it started in early December.
    I am now sitting at home waiting for a call 2 to 3 days of the week, when I do get work it's usualy hust a couple hours job where I look for everything I can find to improve the system but, it's often not in need of any work since I take really good care of the equipment I service. When on call I'm not getting any calls and all the extra work I find, that requires a corporate approval, is either not getting approved or is taking an exceptionally long time to be approved and then, only in fits and spurts.
    I'm doing REAL good if I get 20 hours a week. This week, so far, I have only 4.5 hours and the end of our week is tomorrow, and here I sit waiting for a call.
    How about the rest of us, anybody else having so much less work than they usually have?
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    2008 was the slowest year in the last fifteen for me ... The last three winters have been slow, this winter is about the same ... so far ...

    I may go to work for Dice ...

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    Actually, 2008 was a good year and 2009 is as busy as any other... Go figure, but then again I do mostly service. Fix it or it don't work. Simple.
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    We are a service only business and we haven't seen much in the way of high dollar chiller overhauls and upgrades but we are keeping relativey busy just on maintenance and smaller repairs.

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    Been a little slower than normal here in Denver espically on getting approvals from corprate for repairs needed. But it's been fairly busy, last week was the first week in quite awhile I didn't have any overtime.

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