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    i moved this here from residential

    view from underneath in the r/a section

    see the 1 1/2" drain pipe? from above!

    gas vent

    i took the front panel off and set it to the left side of the furnace... and it went "clang" as it hit the slab!?!

    1 & 1/2 year old house. note the 2"x4" covering about 1/2 the 7" gap in the furnace base. also note the the fine craftsmanship of expanding foam to stop a leak where the vent passes thru the jack (prolly the same dude)

    i was in shock (cust is a friend). he told me "my filters never need changed"

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    Amazing what you can do with a hatchet.Certainly not hvac work.

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    I guess that's what they mean by "rough-in".
    A good HVAC tech knows how, an educated HVAC tech knows why!


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    The savings on filters doesn't help much against the added fuel cost though !! This site has given me a much needed laugh, thanks!

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    Re: Inspection?

    A hatchet? I was at the York warehouse and this guy has 3 chainsaws in the back of this pickup. Pickup has flex hangin over the sides, empty R22 bottles, etc. I ask him about the chain saws? He told me he can rough in like a 2400 sqft house in less than a half an hr with the chainsaw. Somebody goes through before him and lays out the spots, then he just rips em out with the chain saw. I guess thats what they mean by hacking the job in!!!

    Originally posted by fast ed
    Amazing what you can do with a hatchet.Certainly not hvac work.
    Not much to say, just hanging in my shade tree!!!!

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