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    Quote Originally Posted by iraqveteran View Post
    I aint sayin nothin.....
    ya ole farts ya
    Be patient young grasshopper, your days a comin'
    And remember olde dudes rule (uh, ole farts)
    Learning is a lifelong process

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    I started working for a wholesaler (the same company i still work for now) when i was 19, I'm 24 now so thats a big number 5, I followed in my dad's footsteps ( I have been around this industry my whole life) he has been in this industry for 30+ years and is now a regional manager. My Grandpa started doing refrigeration abord the USS IOWA after high school, he passed away in his 60's so I'd say he'd had 35+ years or so. I love what i do, the people are great and it's a new adventure everyday!

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    Started at Ontario Forensic Center maintenance in 1978

    Licensed HVACR since 1986.
    Is this a Fabreze moment? C.Y.D. I'm voting white elephant. 2.
    My competition are my best salespeople!

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    This goes out to my grandfather. When he comes up from Virginia to visit, he rides with me. He climbs the suicide latters with me and helps me out. He started his refrigeration career in 1946 after the war. He is still on his game, it just amazes me.

    The stories about ammonia and sulfur systems just scares the crap out of me. And everytime we are out, he teaches me something I never knew.

    All of us cocky young bucks, shut up and listen to your elders, you might learn something.

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    Eat a slice of Humble Pie.

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