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Thread: Skype?

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    For the life of me, I get pretty pi$$ed every single month I have to pay the phone bill for the house plus the personal cell phones. I have to have a land line because I fax from here. And my cell sucks out here till I am 3 miles out in any direction. The other thing that sucks is cable is not out here. Only one provider of service in my sticks which is AT&T. I wish I had comcast so I could have phone, DSL and cable for 80 bones. I now pay over 150 for dish, phone and internet and stuck with AT&T.

    So. I found out today while I was at the Cheapo today talking to a guy, that he lives near me and we were talking and he says he canceled the phone, was able to keep the Internet, and now uses VOIP (skype). AT & T can't not stop your internet simply because you want to do voip.

    $52 bucks a year for every bell and whistle. Plus he got the high end phone so anywhere there is WIFI he takes his phone with him and can use the phone like a cell as long as this phone device can gleen a signal from a WIFI.

    Anyone got any experiences with this?

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    $52 a YEAR?
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    You need a USB phone with Skype, but its not a bad deal

    might check this out also, you can use any standard phone

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    i dont need my c.b radio?...doh

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    I gave up the land line 3 years ago for Vonage. I think I pay less than $50 a month for 2 phone lines and a fax line....unlimited everything. You can use Vonage with a cable or dsl modem and no usb phones needed, just plug your regular phone/fax in.

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    T Mobile has a $10 per month VOIP plan.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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