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    in the 27 years i have owned properties the only thing i hired someone else to do was a new 300 amp service for my apartment bldg( only because i was not allowed to do it) and a company to make and install the granite countertops in the house i'm in now.

    besides the hvac knowledge helping out with many repairs and projects i worked with my father who went to school as a kid for cabinetmaking and kept with it as a hobby his whole life.

    other things like tile flooring and rebuilding my inground pool i just figured it out myself.

    probably could not afford half the stuff i have done around the houses if i had to pay someone else.

    just put a bid in yesterday on a house down the shore, if i get that the projects will begin again..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dowadudda View Post
    You know. I fix the toilet. The fridge. Furnace. The Vacuum Cleaner. The Washer and Dryer. I do most if not all my other stuff. If I need anything done any kind of trade wise, I do it myself. If you need anything you pay wholesale for it usually.

    How much do you think that saves compared to the people you go and do work for where they have to pay you for it.

    It's a pretty steep savings. Plus, most of the year, your driving the work van, and not shelling out gas money or anything. Customer is paying for that. There is enormous cash outlay other people in normal everyday occupations have to pay for that we generally do not.
    yea, we need to save that money because we cannot aford to pay someone else for service with the penny's we make

    i am sure i save alot as i do everything myself too, add working on my own vehicles too (used to be an auto tech) and i cannot even imagine having to pay someone for all that i can do on my own. i know i cannot afford it!!! regardless
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