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    Ahhh what I'd give.........

    To save one of THESE babys...........

    A beautiful plane with very few flying today. Such a shame to see that these planes were so short lived compared to many other aircraft types.

    If I had money, I'd bail one of these out of the desert and fully restore it to mint condition. Painted with the TWA livery and all.

    Anyone wanna go in with me on the "Save a tristar" fund?

    I'm tempted to take the pic in the above link and use it as a template to paint that plane on my wall LOL

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    I flew on a TriStar from LAX to Newark, NJ and from Oklahoma City to LAX in 1987. It was a beautiful wide-body aircraft. I remember standing and looking out a galley-door porthole window when flying over the Grand Canyon. I stared out that small porthole for about 5 minutes until other people backed up behind me wanting to get a look themselves.

    I'm in on the "Save a TriStar" fund!

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