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Thread: Heating problem

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    Heating problem

    I am working on a 1991 Janitrol by Goodman . This is a roof mounted Heat and A/c unit. The tenant is having a problem with heating. (EXAMPLE) When the thermostat is set for 63 degrees the unit operation is good except it will heat up to 64 then it shuts off . Then after about one minute the blower fan comes on again and runs for about one minute. The temp did not drop to warrant this to happen. I replaced the fan/limit switch in hopes this would repair but it still happens. What could the problem be?

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    The first problem I see is that you either didn't read or didn't comprehend the site rules (no DIY) you read when you signed up.

    The second problem, I suspect, is you aren't qaulified to be working on your tenants furnace. You should call in a qaulified contractor before you kill someone.
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    Is there a dumpster in the parking lot down there next to the bldg??

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    Could be a couple things.

    But, this is not a DIY site.

    Even if your in the trade, we can't discuss repairs in the open forums.
    As DIYers would be able to read it, and attempt repairs from the instructions.

    If your in the trade, get your post count up to 15, and apply for pro membership.
    The you can post technical questions, and get answers to them in the pro tech forum.

    Thread closed.
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