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    Opinion wanted: Leave house fan run or not in cold weather

    Hello all - Happy New Year!

    I would like to get the groups opinion on heated discussion point during a recent family get together.

    My brother is of the opinion that leaving your furnace fan on during the cold weather will help the the overall warming of the house making the rooms feel more even. He also says that there's still a fair amount of heat left sitting in the ducts and that by leaving the fan run you get that warmth.

    I've tried a little experiment and noticed that the house DOES feel warmer and more even. I'm wondering what the groups opinion is on this.

    Your input in settling this debate is much appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    as long as the register placement does not cause air to be blown directly on the occupants leaving the fan on will help even out the room temps. i doubt you will get enough extra heat out of the system to pay the cost of running the fan.
    the main objection we see to running the fan constantly is if it blows on people it feels like cold air after the burners shut down, not as noticable with the slower speeds of the v drive blowers.

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    Also depends upon how leaky your duct system is on the return or if cold conditions in attic or crawl reduce discharge temp too.

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    Plus, depending on type of blower, and your electric rate.
    It can add an easy 20 to 40 bucks to your electric bill.
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    I don't run mine because it's noisy. Maybe I can find a qualified hvac repair company to fix that someday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otto View Post
    I don't run mine because it's noisy. Maybe I can find a qualified hvac repair company to fix that someday.

    They would just fire you as a customer ... no one likes a know it all home owner ...

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    It depends, in some cases it is drafty and not good.
    A lot of new units have that real low fan speed setting that you can leave on all the time and barely notice it.

    You had a "heated discussion" over that?
    Was alcohol involved?
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