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    Traulsen shelf bobbin fix

    I work for a local school district and have a lot of OLD Traulsen reach-in ref's and frzr's that the shelf bobbin rivnuts have pulled out of their walls. Just kinda proud that I fabricated these and enabled the units to continue service without being "afro-engineered". The original interiors are 5052 "dead-soft" aluminum, and the new reinforcements are fabbed of stainless steel with "bottomed" aircraft rivnuts just like original ones....only now they can't be pulled out of the soft aluminum. I believe a lot of my new True units use the same 10-32 threaded bibbins and rivnuts. Hopefully someone else can use this idea.

    Name:  Traulsen shelf clips 121708 001.jpg
Views: 33
Size:  58.6 KB Whole sheet of SS purchased from local "Ace" hardware.

    Name:  Traulsen shelf clips 121708 002.jpg
Views: 32
Size:  36.9 KB Same sheet, pre-drilled and cut into individual and dual-rivnut versions.

    Name:  Traulsen shelf clips 121708 004.jpg
Views: 33
Size:  18.0 KB Finished individual unit.

    Name:  Traulsen shelf clips 121708 003.jpg
Views: 34
Size:  17.0 KB Finished individual unit, flip-side.

    Name:  Traulsen shelf clips 121708.jpg
Views: 35
Size:  28.6 KB Installed individual unit.
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