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    Confused Looking for thin duct wrap

    I have a small project with very tight space requirements. Does anyone know if there is a duct wrap out there that is only 1/2" thick? I am supplying 54 degree air into a space that has a temp of 80db/62wb and a dewpoint temperature of 50 degrees. I need some sort of wrap that will prevent condensation from forming on the duct if the supply air actually dips to 50 degrees sometime during operation.

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    You can use a closed cell elastomeric sheet that is 1/2" thick. It's pricy to buy & install, but will work nice for that application.
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    We've tried the bubble wrap and the rubatex, but we like this the best because it is tougher and looks good installed. Of course nothing insulates like air space, but when you need it this is pretty good.
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