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Thread: Kilroy Was Here

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    Kilroy Was Here

    Kilroy Was Here

    How many of us have seen this written but do not know its origins? James J. Kilroy lived in Boston, MA, where he was a city councilor and during World War II he worked at the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy.

    At the shipyard, Kilroy checked and recorded the number of rivets driven by workers who were paid based on the number of rivets placed. Once Kilroy counted a block of rivets, he would use a chalk chock mark and in crayoned letters write, "Kilroy was here."

    Before a ship launched it was usually painted, which would cover up Kilroy's marks. However during the war ships were being build and sent out too fast to paint them. Great numbers of servicemen were transported on these outgoing ships and saw Kilroy's signature mark.

    Playing on Mr. Kilroy's words, servicemen began placing "Kilroy was here" signs wherever US Forces landed. The picture of a man peeking over a fence was added along the way.

    Now, as Paul Harvey would say, "You know the rest of the story!"

    Just trying to educate the mass' ...

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    Thanks. but I think you've got way to much time on your hands.
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    This guy is allways on my @ss:

    The guy who did the lettering on my van put him on there. Happens to look alot like my boss.
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    Neat story. Thanks.
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    Ever heard of Borf?

    Welcome to my neighborhood:

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