I am halfway through my AAS degree in HVAC. I just finished the residential half with a 4.0gpa. I have finished all of my general and elective classes and had all A's with the exception of one B (Writing & Research, agh! I hated that class, I'm never going to be a writer anyway). Currently I have a cumulative gpa of 3.91. I am going to try like hell to finish the commercial half with a 4.0 as well.

My question is...How much does the GPA factor into an employer hiring me? I won't be applying for at least another six months, but I'm really getting antsy about finding an employer (I really enjoy HVAC, and can't wait to start working). I have 2 1/2 years previous HVAC experience as well, I installed residential HVAC until the economy went to hell and I got laid off. Will a 4.0GPA guarantee me a job? Some of my classmates struggle to get D's and C's, it's kind of sad. I feel sorry for the equipment some of these people will be working on. Any info is appreciated!