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    Thinking of going into bussiness

    Iv'e been thinking about going into bussiness for myself. My goal is to specialize in refrigeration, mainly walk-ins and and reach-ins, in c-stores, and liquor stores, and reasturants. I'm thinking of using my personal pick-up truck for starters by the way the truck is in good shape. My only issue is I can't start while I'm working for my current employer. I would have to quit and then start. I'm thinking of getting the bussiness and legal end of things situated before I quit. In order for me to be fair I would have to quit my job and then start and go look for cliential. My question was have any of you guys quit your job and then gone lookin for customers or did you start moonlighting. I know I want to quit my job because my current boss is driving me up the wall. I know that there are headaches with being self employed but I'm just sick of working for employer's that drive me up the wall. I just want to go to work for myself and be honest and still make a living in this field. All the years Iv'e worked in this field the biggest issue Iv'e had is with my employers not the work or customers. Honestly the customers have been less of an pain then my bosses. As far as financial issues go I have enough backing to survive for about year and a half with no steady income. I already have all the tools and equipment neccassary.

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    The question you have to ask is when i go out on my own why will they use me ? I did as you are wanting to do and it has been a good ride so far. I would make sure you have more than a good truck. My 2005 Ford 150 i purchased when i went out on my own is tired now with 70K miles. It has not has a single day out of service since new.

    You will have to offer a low labor rate to get your foot in the door then raise your rates. Mark up your parts well and you will be ok.

    Can you just walk into a place and talk your way into service work?

    Get the yellow pages, business phone insurance ect ready before telling anyone.

    In this economy it may not be as easy as you think, collect on every call!
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    I would suggest no moon-lighting, causes problems for customers and moon-lighter too. Swipe customers after you leave if possible and if you have personal relationships you can also have arrangements in advance. Some will consider that an ethical sin, some call it free-market, I am not trying to change the topic just giving an opinion for advice to consider.

    c-stores, l-stores, and resturaunts are tough customers. late-pay, no-pay, never a nickle over what is the cheapest option. Refrigeration is tough too in itself, the equipment does not break-down often enough if you get it fixed correct. Even supermarkets and meat-packing plants,.. not much different, and getting them on a maintenance program is like pulling teeth.

    I would also suggest do not specialize, especially starting-out. Take anything you can get. Nice goal, bad modus operindi. Make money working, or be a salesman getting more work. You can even fill some time doing thirty-dollar a day stuff if you need depending upon circumstances you have to deal with. Thirty-bucks is better than nothing sometimes.

    I think of the truck as just another tool. If you go into business and your screwdriver breaks you must replace it, fix it, or be out of business. Same with truck. I consider truck replacement my most expensive operating cost, hence, minimum operating capital in dollars. I can fudge that number a little, as I have a back-up truck. There is some tax advantage in having a second vehicle, not sure of the details. But I am running a 97 with 250k miles and back-up is 77 with 500kish. 25,000$ trucks are insanity on wheels. I think if I do not have enough money to buy a replacement truck, then I do not have enough operating capital.

    Just one mans' opinion.

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