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    hot tub experts!

    i have a nice size hot tub in my master bathroom

    the hot tub pump circulates the water, 1 pipe in 1 pipe out

    is it possible and how if so to get some air bubble's mixxed in with the pumping water

    i was THINKING (scary ha) that i might add a TEE to the inlet side of the pump

    then leave 1 side of the pipe open to the atmosphere to sort of pull some air in while it pumps water

    someone i was speaking to mentioned something about a diffuser to stop big pockets of air being pumped with the water

    anyone have any ideas for me?


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    You can get a valve that goes to the tee that will allow you to adjust how much air you want to mix in with the water.

    I used to do all the factory service for Kohler in N Tex/So OK a few years back, I was an A/C tech for a plumbing company

    It was a few years ago, are you talking about a hot tub or a whirlpool bath tub? Usually you have a hot tub outside, but being Big Bank Hank, I figure you have a master bath the size of a B 52 hanger

    If it's a whirlpool bath, you can buy the parts to do what you want from Jacuzzi, hot tubs usually used a blower to make bubbles. I used to fart to make the bubbles, if you drink lots of beer it helps.

    The only down side of the bubbles is it makes the water cool off faster, if you don't have a reheater

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    wouldn't air on the inlet side of the pump cause cavitation with a risk of damaging the impeller??

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    Kid that used to work for us found out Tide doesn't work toasted the pump.
    You can't fix stupid

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    This one we really need pic’s for.

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    Why wouldn't it work if you intalled a check valve after the circulation pump and a check valve after the blower?

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    The way the manufacturers do it is by installing a venturi between the pump and the jets and it will draw air in through an adjuster valve that mounts on the top surface of the tub above the water level. This will not cause cavitation problems. You can probably find them on E-bay.

    These people can probably guide you with the proper stuff.
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