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    2 Stage Thermostat Needed?

    I had a TRANE XL 80 (2 stage furnace) installed recently. However, the installer said that there was no need for a two stage thermostat because the trane automatically runs on two stages. I had another guy look at it and said there is no way the TRANE can run on two stages unless you have a two stage thermostat. Who knows where to find the truth? THANKS!

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    it should run on first stage and then a timer will switch to second stage.

    if you want to utilize the benefits correctly ...get a 2 stage stat.

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    It can be set up to run on a single stage stat. The first stage typically runs about 12 minutes before bringing on the second stage. If you want tighter temp control, you will need to use a 2 stage stat.

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    Thanks guys for your help. I now feel comfortable that I know what to do.
    - Joe, the Furnace Guy

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    If you want the true benefits of that 2 stage furnace, you want a 2 stage stat to control it.
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