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    Heatilator Vents

    I have a 1947 heatilator which has recently started leaking smoke into my living room. This model never had a blower. I'm considering having the fire box cut into pieces and removed. (I've read mention of Steve Kuber's "fireplace root canal" procedure, but have, unfortunately, never found the details on the web.) At any rate, I'm also considering replacing it with a masonry fireplace as I want to retain the original dimensions of the fireplace opening, along with the facade. I'm, also, not really focused on maximizing my heat output, as I burn the fireplace primarily for the aesthetics. On the other hand, i'm also wondering if I could still continue utilizing the vents, to some degree, by having steel plates placed in the sides of the new masonry firebox, in the locations where the current metal firebox abuts the open area in the brickwork which leads to the vents? Would there be any expansion/contraction issues with the different materials?
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    You need a Level II inspection that includes scoping those air ducts. Usually the breast on a steelform fireplace, regardless of brand, warps and buckles from heat resulting in a gap at the lintel that is not field repairable. When the smoke chamber rusts out, it can allow smoke to enter the convective air chamber. Usually best to Root Canal them. It appears you're in up state NY. Contact Chris Prior in Mosherville. He's the best fireplace mason in the East IMHO. Since you have identified a change in condition and smoke spillage, do not use until a qualified pro says it passes a level II.

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