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    DV Fireplace Replacement - questioning vendor approach

    I have a 1000sqft apartment above my garage at a cabin in Northern Wis, very well insulated used seasonally on weekends. Formerly had a Superior 36" ~21k BTU LP DV fireplace corner installed - no longer operating so being replaced. The corner mantle around it is substantial and complete with an access panel to rear. You can see it has a 45* elbow connected directly to the wall termination and out. Getting a new stove installed, a Heat n glo 6000CL ~40k BTU was selected with the salesman, as it is more powerful and supports this same configuration. They say they will figure out the venting when I meet next week with the installer up there. I'm concerned because as I read the manual, it clearly states 45* and out is not supported on the bigger heat n glo. If true, I'm pretty sure there is not enough room to reconfigure, and I will have to have another contractor rebuild the mantle, and have another hole put in my outside wall.

    Am I right to question this, and will this be ok if it is just connected? In fairness, I called with my concern, and the salesman reassured me that it would be fine - they would get it right, but I feel like I'm heading toward a lot of work, and maybe should get a smaller stove again if so, or another vendor?

    I need another opinion. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    the installation manual will trump anything anyone else says.
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    You must stay within the listed instructions-period. Configuring the venting outside the charts shown in the manual will void the warranty and listing and make it illegal. That would also be grounds for your insurance company to deny a claim in the event of a loss. Those charts are based upon two essential factors: actually functioning and compliance with the clearances to combustibles as stated in the listed instructions. If a manual does not allow a certain configuration then either it was not tested that way and the mfr. cannot guarantee performance or they did test it and it flunked meaning its a fire hazard. The listing is based upon a maximum rise in surface temps. in the chase/ wall of 90F above ambient under worst case conditions. The mantel and room facings are tested to a max. of 117F above ambient. You will need the facing to fit snugly as any major gaps can result in excess heat migrating into the chase cavity thus raising surface temps. up in there.


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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I stopped the install and have a carpenter stopping by. Want the bigger stove, and want it done right. New stove vendor being sought as well.

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