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    Fireplace and Thermostat placement


    sorry if this has been talked about to death already.

    I have a fireplace insert with a blower. This insert will get my small (850Sq.Ft.) main floor to 75 degrees pretty easy at the thermostat. What would seem ideal would be to place the thermostat in the basement close to water pipes along the outside walls so I can roast the first floor with the wood burner and set the thermostat so it keeps the water-pipes from freezing.

    Is this recommended?

    If not this specific idea is there an alternative idea / placement of the thermostat to achieving my goals?

    thank you for any advice or references.

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    It's usually more efficient to use a supplement heat source, than it is to boil a room to keep another room warm. There are electric tapes you can buy that you tape to a water pipe to keep it from freezing. I assume the pipes you refer to are in a unfinished basement.

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