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    Heat N Glow fireplace issue

    I bought a home in NE Florida which is about 10 years old. The house has Natural gas fireplace. The issue I have is that Fireplace works intermittently. Pilot stays on all the time. No issue with pilot. However, when turned on using wall switch, the fireplace turns on. However it just turn
    On and off intermittently. Another interesting fact, when it is turned off, you flip the wall button to off and turn it back on, the fireplace ignites immediately. It then becomes intermittent again. Usually it is more intermittent when you turn on or in other word when it's cold. After 30 mins, the episode of turning off is reduced.

    Also, I feel that it does not generate a lot of heat. It might be due to fact that we are in Florida and that fireplace is not that powerful, yet I expect to produce more heat.

    Any help to trouble shoot this would be highly appreciated


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    You have a bad connection in the switch circuit. Also the unit may be for decoration only, and if so it won't heat very well. Whats the model?

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    Yeah Darthvader is spot on. Post up the model you may be able to put a GfK 160a or a bn or cn 40 fan kit forgot the smaller fan kit part number. They do make a difference. Just put a 160a kit last week in a built in HNG and they were happy to get a little more efficiency. Switches are cheap and are the first to go majority of the time, its weird a lot of electricians refer us to customers because of a normal on/off wall switch. They must not like to take on liability of the fireplace.

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    I checked again. The manufacturer is Heatilator. Model # ND4236

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    The policy of this site is the DIY advice is forbidden. NO TROUBLESHOOTING advice.

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    Too much DIY.

    Thread closed.
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