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    Looking for any imput of the common deals for service Managers and Sales people in the Commercial Division.

    1~ Base pay plus commission?
    2~ Commision only?
    3 ~ What kind of % do you get for selling a Job?

    Thanks any info would be helpful...

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    I am looking for the same info. Commercial pay scales. I have searched the site with not much luck. We are branching into commercial and I will be doing sales of maint. and equipment. Just looking for some ideas of what the pay should be...
    We only want to do it, if we can do it right.

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    Have seen some good set ups for sales positions.The best was a good salary the first year with small commissions paid on top. Had to maintain a minimum level of sales.

    The second year provided much less base, much higher commissions.

    This gave someone starting out the opportunity to become established without becoming desperate;and subsequently losing sales because clients like to buy from someone who doesn't appear so.

    The company used non competes along with it so the sales person wouldn't bolt after the first year and run off with the clients.

    Good Luck

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