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Thread: House Flippers

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarge View Post
    Read post .729. LMAO.

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    Wouldn't it be hard to sell or live in a house someone flipped ? Are they safe? Wouldn't things get broken ? How do you flip a house anyway? They are pretty heavy. What do they use to flip them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerk View Post
    I have noticed on those shows they never update the electrical as I saw the same Federal Pacific panel AFTER all the work was done. I have not seen them update the A/C equipment in them either. No, its a fresh coat of paint, some new cabinets, new grass, and some fancy plumbing fixtures. Then these clowns expect to make thousands of dollars after all that hard work?

    Have you ever had some of these types call you for work? LOL. 20 year old unit, on life support, dirty, etc. "Just clean it and make sure it runs." They don't want to put 1 dime into the house.

    If these guys are making money it is because they are buying the homes and severly undervalued prices - 100k home for 30k, paint it etc and sell it for 105k. Then they say they made 75k flipping the house.
    Read, read, read!

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    Yeah, back when houses were selling like crack in a cat house, we had a million of these flip losers call and ask for services. Every one of them would try and tell ME what they were going to pay. I got to the point, where as soon as they said what they were doing on the phone, I would ask them to find someone else.

    I don't need the headache's and liability of working on one of these 'no money' hack jobs.

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    We got one up the street a real estate agent is trying to flip for a hefty profit. Only thing is if I ever see someone looking at the house I will stop and fill them in on it. Its nice that the contractor that redid the house out of a little camper left all the rotten wood on the outside to nail the siding to. What a sham job.
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    very soon it is you that will be pwned

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    Quote Originally Posted by y7turbo View Post
    The catch is, you have to keep paying for everything until you sell the house.

    They make everything look so easy on TV......
    Thaes longer than one hour to get the job done too!

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