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    Confused braze/solder, again?

    Ok, Im sorry I just post this a couple days ago:

    I appreciate the replies, but at the same time it seems no one digested the line that said...."I got a question, beyond the obvious ways to solder/braze"...

    Regarding copper2copper. I know the best way. I've used the best way. Unfortunately at this juncture i cannot afford the equipment for the best way (i am a student).

    This is not the question.
    The question is, is mapp alone, such as a bernzamatic, good enough for soldering? for brazing? I know the peak temp is just under/at where it needs to be for brazing, and if it takes 5 minutes for flow i dont want it, that is why i ask.

    Also, i "discovered" this butane powered torch-which i had never heard of, and wondered had anyone used one like this?:

    at a local store, and at peak/adjustable flame of 2500F seems like it should be able to handle smaller, say, 1/4"-5/8" copper2copper brazing, at least to someone like me with no practical brazing experience outside of a classroom, but certainly the temp is there, the only question is the size of the area of the hottest point of the flame and how much of a variance there is from the tip to the nozzle. But then I'm the student, and this is why i ask questions

    In a perfect world i would just have my own rig, and someday i hope i do. I'm not looking for a replacement for the proper way of doing it, i already know that.



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    It isn't so much temperature as a combination of temp and BTUs.

    Mapp - air will braze, propane - air will not.

    If you want a cheaper rig to fool around with, get a MAPP/Propane - Oxygen rig from Bernzomatic.

    I did not care for the setup, but I can say that it did work. It will set you back a lot less than a full oxy-acet rig.

    I doubt that little butane torch will do much good. Sorry.

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    thank you

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