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    I could not live with myself working for a company that accepts this kind of work. That's worse than a hack job!
    Do yourself a favor and find another employer. It would suck to work for this guy, no matter how much he pays.

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    In a freezer or in an attic somewhere

    Holy sh!t, man!!!!

    I deposited something in the toilet this morning that looked more appealing. Not only does it look like sh!t, It just makes things harder to work with. Aspecially seeing it day in and day out. Along with that, as this kid learns more hack steps, to better his mastery. You are going to have to figure out a way to counteract the situation. puke IMO

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    aside from the condensate, I was very impressed with his sheetmetal work. He also looks like a skilled electrician. I say, soak up the knowlege. j/k get a new job.

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