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Thread: The Dark Knight

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    The Dark Knight

    Thinking about picking this movie up on the way home...stay up late with the kids watching it.

    Is it any good?
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    Excellent movie but NOT for children.

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    It's heavy and dark so your kids might have problems with the main character. It's a good movie for those that like that kind of stuff though.
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    It was very violent. I don't watch many movies anymore, so it disturbed me. I enjoyed it anyway! It seemed to go on and on and on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bja105 View Post
    It was very violent. I don't watch many movies anymore, so it disturbed me. I enjoyed it anyway! It seemed to go on and on and on.

    Yeah, it did seem to go on forever but it wasn't the kind of on and on that kept you looking at the clock wondering if it will ever end. The Joker in this one was an interesting character.

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    Depends on the age of your kids, my boys are 13 and 15 but if they are younger than 13 I would question them watching it. Heath Ledger should win an Academy Award for his portrayl of the Joker. He did a better job than anyone has ever done in the history of Batman. Be prepared to be blown away by the disappearing pencil.
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    Thought it sucked. Scene1- Batman catches Joker, lets him get away. Scene 2- Batman catches Joker, lets him get away. Scene 3- Batman catches Joker, lets him get away. YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt see the big deal about Kieth Ledgers part. Didnt really dazzle me after hearing all the hype about it. More YAWNS!!!
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    I liked it. Kid of thought at the end they should have shown the spot where two face was laying yet gone "kind of like Mike Meyer in Halloween". That way they could have him in another movie.

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    The Joker can come back, just in a different story line. I liked Heaths portrayal but I liked Jack Nicholson's Joker better.

    I thought the movies was long and it kept jumping from scene to scene with no segway.

    My wife was drooling over Christian Bale.

    They have yet to top the original Batman.

    I give it 2 1/2 stars.
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