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Thread: noisy "DUCANE"

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    Angry noisy "DUCANE"

    i am working with a ducane oil ,forced air system, and it is making a rumbling noise for about 10 seconds after the blower kicks on....then it sounds smooth...if i run the fan without heat on, it makes no noise....only when it calls for heat, and when the blower starts... could it be cracked heat exchanger ???? it seemed to happen after new relay board was installed...maybe just a coinsidence....i dont really smell anything in the house... any suggestions????

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    Honest, we don't mean to be mean, but we can't answer this question in this area. It's in the Rules & Regs.

    It has to be done through the pro area.
    Is this a Fabreze moment? C.Y.D. I'm voting white elephant. 2¢.

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