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    Garage air compressor idea

    Just a thought, but has anyone ever thought of using a removal core line drier as an air drier for a garage set up? I need to upgrade to a better setup but dessicant driers are so expensive. I just thought I might could utilize something I have access to. Any thoughts?

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    even a flared inline with a valved by-pass setup to consider
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    There are water separators available that do a good job of getting the wet out of the air supply and don't cost an arm and a leg.
    I'd imagine replacement cores over time would cost you more than a desiccant drier or a refrigerated drier would at first, especially with the limited moisture capacity of cores.
    Most all of the compressor systems I've ever dealt with have had refrigerated driers. I kept those serviced regularly and they never stopped the whole time I was there.
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    I used to have a sandblast cabinet in my shop and what I did was this: I used galvanized pipe. The cold pipe helped condense the moisture. I mounted the supply line about eight feet up. Then where I wanted a line drop I installed a tee and then went up another foot then came down. I installed a drain at the end of the line. I used a std. air water separator at the cabinet. The moisture pretty much stayed at the bottom edge of the pipe and traveled to the drain and air was drawn through the upper edge at the tee. Worked quite well.
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