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    Carrier Furnace Blower Squeal - Will it last the week?

    Furnace: Carrier 58STA045, 2.5 years old, with Carrier HeatPump

    So I started hearing a squeak/squealing (loud) from the furnace on Sunday night when the blower was running (it occurred randomly). Most noticable from the return ducts, but also noticable in the supply ducts throughout the house (and obviously next to the furnace in the basement). Sometimes it's a quick squeal here and a squeal there, and sometimes it's for the whole cycle.

    I had a technician from the usual company out, and he immediately noticed some oily substance in the bottom of the furnace unit below the blower, and said that's an indication that the fan is about to die. So he's ordered a new one and it'll be covered under warranty from Carrier. It's a sealed unit, so he couldn't do anything for me in the short term until the part arrives.

    The problem is, with the holidays (new years), and the fact the part isn't local, the part won't get in until next week.

    My Question is: Should I worry about this thing dying before the new blower gets here next week? If so I'll pickup some ceramic heaters and prep the gas fireplace (it's been turned off for years).

    But if there is no immediate worry of the blower seizing up, I'll sleep better.

    So, once it starts squealing loud throughout the whole house, and there is a bit of oil that leaked out if it, how long does a person have before the apocalypse?


    P.S. In the mean time, I've disabled the Circ on my schedules on the IAQ thermostat, and I've left it in Em Heat to keep the run-times shorter. Also the heat pump runs the blower on High for some reason when in heat/ac, so hopefully these small changes will reduce the wear on the blower in the short term.

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    Cycling the blower with the system will kill it more quickly, due to shear and higher start amps. Allowing the blower to run continuously equals less wear & tear on the motor windings due to start up amperage.

    If you're concerned about blower failure before the new one arrives and is installed, I would definitely get the heaters.

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    Very hard to predict how long a squeaky motor will last from across the room, let alone across the continent. .

    All I can say is that it will last unless it doesn't. In which case, it won't.

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