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    York Heat Pump Doesn't Stop Running

    Homeowner needs advice/knowledge:

    I've had this problem for three weeks now; the heat pump continuously runs whether the thermostat tells it to or not. On warmer days I've been turning off the breaker so that it wasn't running when I didn't need it to.

    Finally got a service tech out here today to check it out. He says the compressor is burnt out from running too much...'working' against the air handler since the compressor was pumping even when the fans weren't. The diagnosis? He says we need a new heat pump.

    This particular gent wasn't very personable, so he left without giving me much of an explanation why the heat pump had been run constantly...he said maybe the wires to the thermostat were bad?

    I'm not sure how old the system is, and the tech didn't know for sure either. He said we could just replace the compressor for around $1500...he said we might as well get a newer more efficient heat pump.

    Loaded questions: Why would the heat pump continually run (I did cut the power to the thermostat at one point...still didn't go off)? How can I find out how old this system is? Why would the heat pump continue to put out warm air if the compressor is bad (granted...I understand it may just be running inefficiently)? Further advice?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Bad contactor....
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    Get another opinion.
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    You MAY have called the wrong dude..

    Try again, tell them the exact problem over the someone else.

    Sounds like a $50 part maybe.....

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    yep, second opinions aren't just for doctors!!
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    Thanks for the replies, all. I have the 'sales' guy from this first company coming out today. I've got a few questions to grill him with. Very well could be that the heat pump needs replaced...but I'd like to now WHY!!!

    The heat pump WAS putting out warm air - again, maybe not very efficiently. But, the guy that came today pulled the power from the heat pump and turned on emergency heat on the thermostat...which I'm finding is an intermittent operation! Ugh...

    Thanks again. I will report as I find out more!

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    Possible shorted out control in either unit.

    Heat may have been coming from strip heaters.

    You need to get a better tech to check it.
    One that will look for the problem, not just for a sale.
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    I'd definitely call someone else. A tech that just pulls the disconnect without diagnosing is not good practice. The HP maybe old and need to be replaced but if it was working, just not correctly, I'd want to know if it was a simple part or something bigger.
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    If by 'strip heater' you mean my electric furnace (ie, emergency heat), then, NO! We were NOT using furnace heat. The heat pump was running, and warm air was coming out of the vents and the whole time the thermostat never read back anything to me about Aux heat or Emer could be talking about something completely different, tho. Thanks for the reply!

    The aux heat did come on a couple times when we high high temps in the teens, other than that, the heat pump ran...and never stopped. I know that the heat from the heat pump doesn't compare to the hot air blown out by the furnace...but WOW! The furnace runs for about 5 minutes and the thermostat goes up 2-3 degrees. It took the heat pump 20-30 minutes to do that.

    Thanks again!

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    the guys diagnosis he told you from what you have typed here makes no sense to me.
    The compressor is running all the time so you need a new compressor?

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    Where do you live?
    There's guys on this site from all over the world that can help you

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    I'm in Pickerington, Ohio.

    The Sales Guy/Owner of the company is here, and he's going back with me to check everything out...we might be heading in a good direction. Thanks again...will report back.

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    I'm not EXACTLY sure what was wrong, but after we pulled out some of the old cabling going to the thermostat and discovering some cracked sheathing on the wires, we figured that maybe the heat pump was getting a signal to run all the time. We trimmed those up a little, hooked it back up, and voila! It's running and appears to be running good and strong.

    It was funny though, cuz the guy walked in and said "So, what brand do you prefer?"

    I said, "First, I'd like to know what exactly is wrong with this thing..." He looked at me like I was crazy.

    "Your compressor's shot!"

    Anyway...we got it fixed, and this guy (the owner) was very helpful. He didn't leave without giving me a quote

    Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and advice!

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