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    Is sooting an inherent problem w/all LP air-forced central furnaces?

    Our tech put new aperture (thing that directs gas into the furnace) and said your sooting problems should be gone.

    Noticed the flames weren't as blue as they should be so got the old hair dryer out and turned everything off and blew out a bunch of soot from the burners.

    This was a normal problem for years on running until this fall's checkup.

    Circa 1993 Lennox 10.4 SEER.

    BTW, we have 2 CO detectors in the house just for added insurance.

    So back to OP, do all LP (adapted from NG) soot or is this a problem w/our's

    Thanks for the responses
    Merry Christmas

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    If your furnace has soot in it the likelihood of it running dangerous is very high.

    It takes thousands of PPM of CO to produce soot, it is not normal for any appliance to soot period.

    The fellow servicing your equipment should actually combustion test your furnace and quit guessing on if he cured the sooting problem or not.

    I wouldn't run it till it's been tested for safety, the CO alarms might keep you from dying if the sensors are good but that will be about it.
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    This ain't good..........shut it off now.........get it


    don't rely on the co detectors...................please

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    Sooting is a product of improper combustion all fuels will soot if the air fuel ratio is not correct. follow the previous advice.

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    I'm wondering if you have the proper LP conversion kit for your furnace? You may want to try and confirm this through an authorized Lennox dealer in your area.
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    no gas burning appliance should soot if its burning properly.

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    Sooting is bad for what ever reason. Maybe you need a new tech with more experience in LP equipment. Proper combustion requires numerous components to be present in the proper relationship. Sooting result from improper combustion which equals an increase in CO, while you have CO detectors, they are only going to activate when elevated levels of CO are present. At this point, the combustion byproducts are still being exhausted through the vent system, if it becomes impacted with soot, the interior conditions WILL change, quickly. It needs to be resolved now before it becomes a real life hazard.
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    Basically you need to get it operating properly or die
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roscoe View Post
    This ain't good..........shut it off now.........get it


    don't rely on the co detectors...................please
    Roscoe is normally a jokester, but he is 100% correct on this one


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