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Thread: Slow...........

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    [QUOTE=Baja500;2188562]Yeahh Dan W Really slow in the Phx area, our company just came up with a
    new plan (wage reduction) couple of techs quit and could not draw unemployment benefits kind of f**k up to go from 23 an hr to 16 but right now too many techs looking for work for less than that

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    Quote Originally Posted by okctech View Post
    Your slowest year out of how many years in the biz ?
    Its my fifth year on my own. I know thats not long but first year i only logged 7 months and it was better than 08.

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    MAN! so cold here today.... took me 1.5 hrs to recover 14 pounds out of 15 in a 4 ton split system today! It was 26.... and oooooooo so cold! But.... I bet I break 40 hrs this week! Yippee!
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    im lucky if i see 16 hours this week. and unemployment is telling me that i probally won't be finding a job lots of guys from this trade are in the same boat.

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