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    trane install question

    I recently had a trane heat pump and upflow airhandler installed. My questions are :

    1. the large green coil baffle and the narrow baffle are still screwed to the top of the A coil. Shouldnt the big one have been romoved, and the narrow one installed for this application? What does it effect if not changed?

    2. Is it possible to accidentlly add r22 refridgerant to a 410 system, or are the connections diff?


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    Not sure i understand 1st question (Baffle)? Yes you could accidentally do that. 410 has become very popular and most techs will look before they test a system.

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    If your talking about the horizontal drip tray? Yes.

    If not changed it affects air flow across the coil.
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    For a Trane vertical upflow the large baffle should have been replaced with the smaller one, and the metal pan on the right side of the coil should have been removed as well.

    It helps with airflow across the coil. It is printed in the install manual as well.

    I have come across several vertical Tranes that were left the way yours is and have not noticed any functional issues, yet.

    The connections are the same for 410 and 22. It is possible that someone mixed refrigerants.
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