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    Trane XL16i in defrosting


    I had a Trane XL16i HP installed a few months ago. Not it starts getting cold and the unit is really working in its full capacity. My understanding is that when the condenser goes into the defrosting mode, the air handler should stop blowing, but mine doesn't. So what comes out of the vent is cold air. I checked the wiring and it seems correct. Where should I start to figure out what's wrong.

    Also, according to the manual, when in 1st stage, the air flow should only be at 80%. But mine seems always at 100%. There's no obvious change in air flow when the 2nd stage kicks in. Is it possible I have a back control board on the air handler?

    My air handler is a matching 4TEE3F variable speed.

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    The air handler is not suppose to stop when the outdoor unit goes into defrost.
    The aux heat is suppose to come on to temper the air.

    Sounds like its wired wrong.

    Call your contractor back, and have them check it, and fix it.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    With that combination ask whoever installed it if they can put it in Comfort-R mode. Make sure wire x2 from outdoor unit is wired to w3 on indoor unit. When it goes into defrost it puts it into aux or emergency heat to bring on the indoor fan and indoor electric strip heat. If it isn't it will just switch over to defrost and that is AC mode. Outside unit fan stops on defrost. Also if your strip heat is 10KW or lower you might get only 65 degree air out during defrost. What is the KW of the strip heater?

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    Check Wiring

    As stated: have original contractor come back and fix.

    That said, the xL16i does have wiring different than what some techs may expect. Did you have a Trane thermostat installed at the same time. You should have received an installer's manual with the tstat (i.e. TSTAT802) and
    you need to look at Figure 11 which shows correct wiring for a SEER 16 Heat Pump (i.e. xL16i). The manual may be found at:

    Have this info ready for tech if you find unit has been miswired. Do not make changes yourself. You have a warranty.

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    Sorry all, but this thread is closed.

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