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    charlotte or nashville please help

    hi all. i've been doing this for 15 years and i live around d.c. but i think they should fill it with water and stock it with fish. I've been looking for years to get out of here and decided this coming spring is time and i've summed up relocation to either nashville or charlotte but i need some help. what is the average RESIDENTIAL tech making out there? are descent benefits available? if one company blows will i be stuck there or is there plenty of opportunity in the summer. can anyone refer me to an honest company that doesn't ask you to run out at 2am? I've talked with a few companies on the phone but they all blow the same smoke. i don't need any advice on country music, nascar, or politics i'm really trying to which hvac job market is best. I know i'm gonna get some good feedback here thanks in advance.

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    Can't say about resi,which seems to fluctaute widely even in the same market. Co worker of mine moved from dc to NC (kinda close to charlotte),and was making about 6$ less an hour.

    But traffic was better, and housing was considerably cheaper .Heard it had slowed down there.
    Raleigh was hot area a year ago, don't know now.

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    You could check out Lee Company in Nashville. They're pretty good size outfit. They do commercial and residential. That's about all I know about them.

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    check out morris-jenkins good size company in charlotte, holds a large market share good bennies,team work philosophy and great in house training...............

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    Honeywell HVAC jobs

    Call me. I have HVAC positions open in Morrisville.

    Tom Whiting Honeywell.

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    Looking in Charlotte

    Looking in Charlotte too.
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