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    Fireplace Gas valve help..

    From what I can find I have a 710 series robertshaw 750 millivolt gas valve. its a 1/2 1/2 straight through low profile high low valve . I am lookin to replace it with something current .. The only label thats on it is ..
    60034s NAT 1"-4" WC MAX 1/2 PSI.. .. Has anyone seen these before?

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    dexon industries has one that is similar

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    Exclamation forum move

    This needs to be moved to the Fireplace Forum.

    You should get a fireplace pro to inspect the fireplace and perform the work. You can replace the valve only with one from the mfr. approved for that unit. Non-OEM parts will void the warranty and listing and is unsafe.

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    thank you I will

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