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    back door numbers

    I am looking through my stuff as I used to work for an Alerton Dealer. The numbers / code ring a bell for me.
    6984042c. I remember this being refered to as the back door. But never had to use it.

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    Has anyone found an Alerton alternate to using phone modems?

    I have an account that has 4 schools with Envision for Ibex. They have APEX's as the head controller. They would like to get away from the phone modems. They do not want to upgrade to BACnet with the APEX's just to get ethernet conectivity. Has anyone had sucess connecting into an APEX with a Ethernet to RS232 converter?

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    Alerton makes a device called the Ethernet Adapter that will connect apexes to a ethernet network. Here's your next problem - each school has separate databases and would require a dedicated server workstation PC for each school - 4 total. You would have to combine the databases if you only wanted to use 1 server PC.

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    Should have posted here first time

    Need docs for Alerton BTI


    Anyone have any tech docs for an Alerton BTI?


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    Right now they just dial into a school when needed for scheduling or viewing a zone or if a trouble call comes in. Could this device be used on a need basis?

    Is there something that perhaps is available from B&B electronics? That someone has tried?

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    Hi Alerguy,
    I am looking at this device on the Alerton web page. If all of the schools now are set up individually but we put this device in and change the schools to campus mode then reinstall the sofware, are there directions to bringing all the schools together on one server that you have access to?

    Am I headed in the right direction?

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    instead of 4 servers, what about using one pc running with each version of VM having a different school on it.

    your thoughts? I know this works for having different versions of JC CCT software.

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    Sorry I don't have any experience with virtual machines - remember that the software key only supports 1 server.

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    I contacted Alerton about pricing. Way out there for the school district right now. So I guess modems it is.
    Check out the VM software, very cool.

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    Anyone have manuals they could email

    We're having problems at a school after a brownout, dropped a leg and had singlephasing power for several hours. After that one wing of classrooms with interior heaters has issues. New to this and we have no manuals. Figure that is the place to start before asking questions.

    We have Alerton TX-SA-651 tux with Alerton MS-1010-K control

    Would appreciate any manuals I could get, installation, programming, etc


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    I am looking to replace the EBT and the BTI's with JCI Metasys. I have many DDC3, VAVSD and SDC3 controllers on the MS/TP lan. I was able to place a MS-VMA in the line with the Alerton devices and then connect them to the NAE on the MS/TP com line and make changes to the Alerton Device. I plan on using the JCI MS-ADS for my front end or a Tridium front end.

    What my question is, I know there are several VLC's and VLCP's in the building. They are not listed on the MS/TP lan address chart. I believe they are on the Ethernet network. How do I get these brought into my front end and pass info to them.

    When was the last time you worked with the EBT and Alerton?

    Any help I would appreciate it. Can I contact you directly?


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    What? Who? Where?
    Check to see if they are on different IP networks. If so they are probably using the BBMB table in the BTI or BCM to pass the BACnet packets back and forth, I do not know if Device Manager (I am guessing this is what you mean when you say MSTP address chart) picks up controllers on other IP networks. Send me an email in regards to a BACnet device scan program that is shareware. Just downloaded it the other night and haven't had a chance to use it. You can determine a couple of things with it including IP address of the controllers it discovers, vendor ID, network number and device instance, kinda like Device Manager in EBT only free and bare bones.

    kontrol out
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    what is your personal email? is mine. I am in CA. Can we talk?

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