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    Replacing Alerton IBEX. Considering Delta as it is low bid.. Comments please?

    Antique Alerton Ibex controls with a Windows 95 head end. Computer probably on death's door and no software or any configuration documentation.... Thanks ;-(

    So, I am getting quotes anywhere from in the 16k to 50k range for a "parts 'n smarts" with Delta at the low end and Alerton in the stratosphere.

    I would love to have some input from you all as to the good and bad things to look out for. Also any other options available.

    I did briefly consider the Chinese guys with the Basic programming, but the equipment I tried was dicey and not much in the way of hand holding! (someone out there that wants to write some BASIC code for us?)

    Thanks for your time!

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    If the IBEX controllers are still working, you can consider installing an IBEX gateway and newer Alerton for BACTalk software. Would be cheaper than going for a whole new system. Contact me off line if you want more details, me email is on my profile.

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    Going with a gateway will not solve your long term issues. The TUX controllers in the field are obsolete and when they have to be replaced you'll be back to having to installing a whole new network for the new controller.

    As they use a proprietary protocol for communications a new network controller, communications wiring and front end will have to be installed as anything modern using an open protocol will not be able to reside on their proprietary network.

    It will be cheaper in the long run to replace everything at once and not piece by piece. And I think you will find better options than Alerton BACTalkfor a front end.

    I see you are in NV, I'm down South but we have a office in Reno, if you want more information my email is in my profile.

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    Ibex field controllers are pretty bulletproof, tell the Alerton dealer that you just want an Alerton BCM-Tux to replace your Apex, and an appropriately sized Alerton front end. Should end up lots cheaper than any other option. If you ever lose a field card, you can either get a replacement off Ebay, or just install BACnet controller and pull an MSTP to it from the Global. I have lots of tux cards at customer sites operating since 1986~ish, with zero issues.

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