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    AX BBMD device down

    Hi guys,

    I have a controllers on distant site and I want communicate with my AX supervisor through VPN.
    One of controller is my BBMD device and supervisor lmy foreign.

    Discover is slow but working (no information about controller, display ???)

    The problem when I add device, he s down

    Communication to BBMD is ok

    Any idea?

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    When you can see devices but not their properties, the situation is normally caused by the devices behind a NAT router. Is that the case here?
    If so, you need to set your BBMD to NAT mode (which is an optional function, so check with your BBMD vendor).

    Also, check how often you are subscribing (Foreign Device Registration), if not often enough, OUTGOING NAT routers can expire the path that get set up automatically.

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