Hi All,

Is anyone using Wago Modbus IO under Tridium AX, I am bench testing some of it at present and although it works I cannot differentiate between digital inputs and outputs.

I can setup the first boolean input at a Modbus address of 1 and see the input change state, no problem, the same for the next seven inputs of my two four digital input modules.

When I setup the first boolean writable at a Modbus address of 1, I can override the point on/off and the output changes state, however the status shown by the boolean writable reflects the state of the boolean input. So my output 1 can be overridden on but if input 1 is off then this is what is shown on the boolean writeable.

I am not a Modbus expert and have tried different address formats but always with the same result.

I believe the Wago Ethernet Modbus controller looks at what IO is connected to it when it's powered up and addresses each digital input/digital output/analogue input/analogue starting at 1 and going up so you have two digitals both with an address of one.

Can anyone shed any light on this as the Wago footprint is very small and will be very useful for a job we have in the pipeline.