I've been working on a side project and I'm trying to decide if I should continue working on it and if so in what direction it shall take.

I have designed software that allows a Beaglebone Black or Raspberry Pi to act as a gateway between American Automatix PUP and Bacnet over IP. The software handles all PUP (over rs-485) commands and responses and translates them to Bacnet/IP and vs versa. I've had the system running for months with a couple of test controllers without issues.

The gateway is fully functional, but the interface still needs a lot of work.

I'm trying to decide if I should:
-Continue working on this project myself and eventually market and sell it.
-Turn it over to the public domain.
-Or look for partners to finish the development.

Does anyone think this would have a market?
Does anyone have any opinions on this at all?