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    Advice From the Peanut Gallery

    I sold off my gas fireplace repair business and retired Memorial Day, 2007, about a year and a half ago now.

    The guy I sold my business to is having a fine time with it, perhaps working too hard and neglecting his cute girlfriend, though. Some of the risks of self employment.

    I've been enjoying offering helpful advice from the peanut gallery here lately --- MUCH more fun than actually having to make those fireplaces work!

    So anyway, good luck on fixing those fireplaces in the run up to Christmas!

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    hmmmmmmm ....... think your time might be more well spent on the CUTE GIRLFRIEND.

    Sure thats not the lonely cute girlfriend

    Then again the lonely , horny , cute girlfriend

    Or even the lonely , horny, cute, EX girlfriend

    But no your in here talking to us

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    Talk about a guy with screwed up priorities.

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