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    Dec 2008
    We are very busy in the Great White North. I could work 80 hours a week if I could keep my eyes open and my mind clear. But, even with work this busy, Family still comes first.


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    Thumbs up

    pm's keeping us steady here in north fla,just heard this morning one of our top competition is gonna shut down from dec19 to jan6!WOW!

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    shut down the whole business?

    i can understand layoffs, but the whole place shutting down?

    that can never be a solution....

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    Toledo, Ohio, United States
    Twilli fairly busy, one of the things Twilli did was take a class in lying
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    Hmm Work

    If you have a job keep it. Work in the service end is fair. Make your company/self some money now, only the smart will servive with them selves intact

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackertech View Post
    Steady? We always are.
    same here, i love supermarket work, here we are in december and still getting 50 hours a week, WHY O WHY did i not start in supermarkets from the beginning.
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    The South
    We have good contract customers,with whom have steadily developed good relationships.Good mix too of different kinds of work including replacement and reactive service.
    My area is generally slow,but so far we are still busy and hoping it stays that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan wong View Post
    we are super slow !!!

    Question for those who are busy; What are some of the thing you done right that keep you busy; did you over book early?, did you advertise more?, did you lower your price to beat out the competition, or did you happen to have account that are recession; school, hospital...?
    When I was more service oriented it seemed that the guys who sold repairs or services that could be done in the colder weather would stay the busiest in slow periods. Schedule those chiller barrel inspections/cleanings, chilled water coil cleanings, and so forth/so on to be done in your slow periods. Residential guys try selling more pm's and schedule their inspections for fall/spring. If you are not busy rethink how you present your services and you will find that even though you are a good tech you need to be a salesman too if you want to make some dough when everyone else is sleeping in.
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    Commercial service in the Midwest is steady. Boss tried to hire another tech in August. We all had a meeting and agreed to work more on straight time to get the calls covered. An extra tech in the mix heading into the winter ....

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