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    Lon Discovery AX

    I have a existing LON Care managed network that I am converting to Tridium. When I do a discovery I am not seeing any devices. I have to hit the service pin on each vav to see it. Am I missing a step here, or is this normal.

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    I don't know if this will work for certain but it does for other software so I will assume it does for AX as well. I haven't specifically tried it but its where I'd start. Since your devices are comissioned from another network manager they probably have domain other than ZL. Since you are hitting the service pin you should be discovering them regaurdless. Find the domain ID of the device and then set jyour jace to the same domain and try a discovery. The link set up is in the Lon network under the Lon Netmgmt tab. Zero Length domain is what the Jace uses as default so that's where it's set if you didn't change it.

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    I agree with WillF650, It is most likely the DSN not matching the Jace.

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    RE:Lon Discovery AX

    Once you set your domain ID try to use the Quick Learn feature and select (Upload Config: upload ncis and cps), it should import all of your lon network.

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