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    New Heat N Glo Grand XTS Blower humming

    Just had a Heat N Glo Grand XTS, gas fireplace insert installed and I have a question about the blower noise.

    When the blower kicks on, there is a very noticeable humming, kinda like a transformer humming. It's not the actual blower noise which you can hear as you increase the speed of the blower. This is a separate humming/buzzing type sound that doesn't vary with fan speed.

    Just wondering if this is normal. In a quiet room it's noticeable from 40 feet away, and somewhat irritating if sitting in the room reading etc. We went to a friends house the other day who has a similar Heat N Glo model and other then the actually blower noise it didn't appear to have this humming noise.

    It's an awesome fireplace but kinda disappointed in the humming. Thanks for any input. BTW I am going to talk with the dealer but wanted to get some input first.
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    The fans do make a hum on low that can be heards over the sound of the air moving. Its possible yours is louder than normal but only someone who can come to your house can determine that. Call back the person that installed it, the fan would be covered under warranty if its defective. I'm sure they wont want to replace it thought because I think you have to pull the insert out to do that.

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