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    McQuay MicroTech II

    Just looking for information on the controller itself. Looked in the O&M manual on site and there is nothing. Couldn't find anything useful on the website either. Any information is appreciated.

    Supposed to do a maintenance on this thing but am trying to find out if there is a manual mode or test mode or something along those lines that I can use to test this chiller.

    Its a water cooled chiller and a glycol loop through the evaporator to chill down a holding tank of resin in a plant. No easy way to add load as this stuff becomes very unstable as it warms up.

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    If you have a model and serial that would help and what exactly you are wanting to make the machine do. Sounds like you might be trying to manually load the machine? The type of chiller you have will make a big difference on how this gets done, screw, scroll, centrif.

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    The model of the chiller will determine what type of software will be loaded into a specific MTII controller/controllers for that chiller. Which will determine the sequence of operation and features that are available.The test mode is for checking the controller outputs only.The O&M's I've read have quite a bit of detail.Whats the model # of this chiller and what is the # of the O&M you looked at.

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